Some glazing companies will tell you the only way to resolve the problems you have is to replace the entire window or door.

Whilst there are situations where this is true the majority of the time your issue can be resolved, quickly, easily and at a fraction of the price of replacement windows and doors.


We offer free quotations, clear pricing and a friendly, knowledgeable solution to your issue.

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Misted or foggy glass units can be an eyesore ,spoiling the view both into and out of your home.Cracked or broken units can be a security risk as well as a potential hazard. Any problems you have with your current glass can be rectified simply and efficiently,saving hundreds of pounds against the cost of a new window.


Fancy some ornate coloured or bevelled fanlights ? Don't like the obscure  glass design in your bathroom.Contact us today to get some ideas and inspiration for any of your glazing needs.



Do you have a draft when you sit in your favourite seat near a window ? Or feel air blowing round your feet standing next to your door even when it's closed ? Chances are if you look closely you'll notice a small gap somewhere around the window or door. This is often a simple case of replacing the hinges.Over time hinges do fail and whilst they still allow you to open and close the window,the compression is no longer adequate to close the gap. If your windows and doors are working perfectly well other than a draft then why not get the faulty parts changed, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window/door.

If you've got wobbly or floppy handles, of they are getting hard to turn to open and close then we can change them for you. It's always better to get these parts changed before they fail completely which can cause bigger issues, especially if they fail in the locked position. Remember we don't charge for call outs and can advise on any issues relating to your windows and doors.

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