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Helping create the sound of silence

The world today is a noisy place. Unless you're lucky enough to live off the beaten track, chances are your home will be subject to external noise regularly. Traffic rumbling by is often has the largest impact on your peace and quiet but anywhere where more than a few people congregate can lead to noise pollution.If you're living anywhere near an airport flight path then you have our sympathies !! Noise,especially at night time, or just when you want to relax,can affect your life dramatically,so what can be done about it ? You could wear headphones all day indoors, but not sure how practical that is ?!

One of the best solutions to controlling sound coming into your home is with with secondary glazing. Secondary glazing fits inside your home,normally into a reveal or in some cases directly onto your architraves.The glazing creates both another layer of material ( in our case an acoustic laminated glass designed specifically to reduce sound waves entering your property ) , and also a large air gap between the external window and the internal secondary frame.This again helps to break up the sound waves and so they enter your home at a much lower level.


Our secondary glazing is made from aluminium,meaning it has slimline profile which blends in with your current windows giving an unobtrusive views.Take a look at the gallery below showing a recent installation in Rayleigh. The windows were sprayed to colour match the existing timber sash windows and as you can see they blend in seamlessly.

More information on the Saint Gobain range of acoustic glass can be found here - https://uk.saint-gobain-building-glass.com/en-gb/glass-acoustic-insulation

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