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Here comes the sun

Well hello May, you arrived very quickly didn't you, not that we are complaining.Even if the weather is not yet feeling like it where you are, Spring has sprung,things are getting warmer and the days are getting longer.Thoughts turn to the outside, whether it's making the most of your garden,firing up the BBQ or simply opening your windows to allow some air to blow through your home.

Aluminium doors helping to bring the outside into your home

We've always loved Bi folding doors,not just because we fit them but because of their ability to transform a home. No other door option allows you to open up so much of your home to the outside. On a summers day there is nothing more satisfying than opening up the back of your home early in the morning and welcoming in the outside.We offer a couple of different door manufacturers to cater for all budgets, here is a great and informative video in conjunction with Origin doors which may help when thinking about new Bi fold doors.

Another way to make the most of the outside,without spending much money, is to change any misted glass units you have. Misted units happen when the seals between the 2 panes of glass break down and allow moisture to get in between the panes. This quickly begins to fog the glass units up and stops you seeing clearly outside.Some double glazing companies will insist that the entire window needs replacing but this is simply not true. In over 90% of cases we can simply change your misted glass for new glass units,allowing the sun to stream back in, and you to make the most of your views.

If your windows aren't opening as easily as they should do,or don't open as widely as you like then maybe it's time to look at your hinges,and getting them changed if needed. We offer a wide range of new hinges,from fire escape hinges that open fully to 90 degrees ( to help in the event of a fire but also to allow more air flow through your home ), restricted hinges if you've a young person at home who needs to be kept safe. We can change most failed hinges too,and at prices from £40 it's not going to break the bank.

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