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I can see clearly now the misting's gone!

Last week I visited a property where the customer had been told by another window installer that their windows were beyond repair and the only option available to them was a complete replacement of the window frame as well as the glass. It's not the first time I've heard this 'fact' mentioned and I doubt it's the last.Unfortunately there are some companies whose only interest is in selling people new windows and doors, even if this option is far more costly than a repair.

Whilst I love installing new products, and there certainly are times when this is the best option available, I also love offering cost effective repair options if it means the window or door can continue to perform for many years to come.

Misted double glazed units occur when the sealant the bonds the 2 pieces of glass together breaks down. This can happen for various reasons, poor initial fitting, damage to the external window sealants, expansion and contraction of the windows due to temperature changes, or simply old age !

In more than 95% of cases, the failed double glazed units can be replaced. It's usually a fairly simple process.I would visit and take accurate measurements of the glass to be replaced. New glass units are ordered ( these normally take 5-7 days but can be quicker if required ). I would then pop back at a time that suits you, remove the beading holding the glass in place , remove and replace the failed unit and re-attach the window beading. A quick clean up of the new glass and it's all done. Whilst changing the units I would also inspect the window for any signs of blocked drainage ( this can lead to the glass sitting in water which breaks down the seal quickly ) ,damaged gaskets and general wear and tear that could affect the new unit.

All our replacement units come with a 5 year guarantee as standard,for a small additional cost this can be extended to 10 years. We are transparent with pricing as you can see here -

And here are a before and after picture, an ever so slightly improved view I'm sure you would agree !!

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