At Millmo Glazing our ethos is to be honest,trustworthy and transparent, so whilst we can't give exact costs for everything you can find in this section average prices for some of the works we carry out.Of course we're more than happy to pop over to see you and give exact prices for individual works but we feel by showing costs before we visit we can remain true to our ideals.Alternatively if you want to email us photos and approximate sizes we can give you exact costs without you leaving your chair.The advantage for you is that you have a good idea of costs before you even have to speak to anyone.

Replacement Glass

Price per double glazed unit

  • Small fanlight £40-£60

  • Medium opener  £60-£80

  • Large unit £80-£100

  • Toughened door unit £120-£150

  • Large patio unit £150-£200

  • Leads/georgian bars/coloured fanlights priced upon viewing

Handles,hinges and lock

Prices based on white handles and uPVC products

  • Window handle £15-£20

  • Door handle £40-£70

  • Hinges £40-£60

  • Window locks £50-£70

  • Door locks £120-£200

New Windows



The prices above are for single item repairs or windows.We will always offer discounts if more than 1 product needs replacing,or a handyman request is for a significant amount of work.

Approximate prices based on white uPVC - 'A' rated and high security locking

  • Rear door £600-£700

  • Front Solidor composite door £1200-£1400

  • Small window £250-£350

  • Medium window £400-£600

  • Large window £700 +



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