Security and safety upgrades

Improve the security of your home without replacing your windows and doors

We offer a wide range of simple yet effective upgrades to your windows and doors that will give you added peace of mind and act as a deterrent to would be intruders.

Changing your sealed glass units and door locks, or adding additional locks to your window and door handles will all help to improve your home security, giving you peace of mind.

We can also fit child safety locks,restricted hinges and fire escape hinges to help keep you and your family safe and sound.

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Ultra high security lock upgrades

Making your home more secure

Most double glazed doors today are fitted with multipoint locking mechanisms which are highly secure.However it's not unusual for these to be fitted with a cheap euro cylinder barrel.These cost only a few pounds , and it shows ! The cheap barrels can be picked,bumped,drilled or snapped and once they have been broken the entire locking system is compromised and entry can take place within a matter of seconds.

We offer the Brisant ultion ultra high security barrel as a replacement for your current barrel.It's quick,easy and cost effective.For more information on The Ultion lock check out their website with videos showing the lock in action .

Ultion Advantages

  • Approved by the Police

  • £1000 paid if you are broken into through the Ultion lock

  • Anti-Pick Anti-Bump Anti -Drill Anti-Snap

Another new product to help protect your home from the Ultion stable is the Brisant lock -lock.A brilliant product designed to stop intruders being able to turn your door handles.More information can be found on the button below.

Glass security upgrades

If the glass can't be broken, criminals can't get in

One of the most common ways of gaining access into your home is by simply smashing your glass and coming in through the broken pane.Even toughened safety glass can be easily broken with brute force and a screwdriver.We counteract this by installing a double glazed unit comprising of both laminated and toughened safety glass.

Laminated glass is generally found on shopfronts and if hit instead of shattering only cracks and is held together by the laminate film.This means any intruder trying to gain access would have to hit the glass many times to create even a small hole.In the event they did penetrate the first pane of glass there would still be a pane of toughened safety glass to break through.

This means an intruder would have to make a lot of noise and spend a lot of time trying to get in.This is something intruders want to avoid, they hope to be in and out within a few minutes.I have been back to numerous glass installations where the outside pane of laminate glass has been cracked but the intruder got no further and left the property without gaining access.

Door and window security improvements

Additional types of locks

We also offer the supply and installation of additional security measures such as the Pat lock french door safety lock system,heavy duty door chains,additional bolt on window locks and window hinge protectors for added visual security.Often a intruder will scope the property for easy access before attempting entry, with these visual deterrents they are less likely to even try.